Teapot Dome scandal
Updated: 1/15/2021
Teapot Dome scandal

Storyboard Text

  • Teapot Dome scandal where Albert Falls took bribes illegally and let people mine on private government property without permission.
  • For some moolah you can mine on government property.
  • So you want some cash and I want some oil.
  • Albert just took a bribe of 100$ and is gonna let this person mine on private property since he paid.
  • Deal!!
  • I'll give you 100$ to mine on private land.
  • Albert falls was convicted of taking illegal bribes from people and letting them mine on private government property.
  • Now him and a few of his close buddies start getting to work on mining but have to be careful so they won't get caught since it is illegal.
  • Now I can make double the money I paid him
  • Albert falls you are under arrest for taking illegal bribes.
  • It wasn't me I swear.
  • How do you plead?