The Water Cycle
Updated: 11/8/2018
The Water Cycle
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  • Hi my name is Lucas and I will be showing you the water cycle this right here is an example of Precipitation which is when some form of water falls from the atmosphere after a cloud becomes heavy.
  • The atmosphere cotntains all gasses in the world
  • Now this river would be an example of runoff which is rainfall that is not absorbed by soil and travles to a bigger body of water in the Hydrosphere.
  • The hydrosphere contains all the water on Earth.
  • The Lithosphere contains all the rocks and minerals in the world.
  • Right now the water here has just percolated into the Lithosphere when something percolates it goes into the ground and slowly moves to a bigger body of water.
  • Some times plants intersept some water from the water cycle then some of that water that is on the leaves evaporates this is called Transpiration this all happen in the Biosphere.
  • The Biosphere contains all life on Earth.
  • This fog is an example of evaporation wich is when water changes from a liquid to a gas caused by heat.
  • These clouds contain water vapor but when these clouds cool the water vapor inside becomes a liquid that falls as rain this is called Condensation which is the final stage of the water cycle.
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