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Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • After pax romana, rome would gradually collapse due to poor and incompetent leadership.
  • This new guy is awful
  • with less output than input, Rome would indulge in deficit spending and cripple their economy.
  • $20
  • why is everything expensive
  • Generals would disobey orders in favor of their special interest.
  • they should set up an ambush
  • they're going to conduct a direct attack from the north
  • The death of Diocletian created a power vacuum between 7 men. Constantine ultimately becomes the new emperor
  • After Constantine popularized Christianity, the roman people became apathetic about their countries fate and cared more about the afterlife.Rome would also continue to be afflicted with plagues.
  • what does it matter if Rome falls tomorrow, at least we found salvation.
  • Rome would eventually succumb to the persistent attacks from various Asian groups, most notably the Huns.