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Updated: 2/19/2020
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bruh bruh bruh

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  • Conflict: The Changeling Boy
  • Hand over the boy
  • no.
  • Conflict: Donkey Man
  • Uh oh, I'm donkey.
  • Bippity Boppity Boop, you are Donkey.
  • Conflict: Lysander and Demetrius
  • Go away Lysander I love Hermia more and am entitled to her love.
  • no. I love Hermia more and I'm entitled to her love because I actually love her
  • This visually violent scene depicts Titania and her India boy, which Oberon desires. He asks for her to hand over the boy, and she says no because she loves him.
  • Resolution: The Changeling Boy
  • Thank you for the boy.
  • Sure thing, now the wind is happy.
  • In this scene, Bottom is turned into a Donkey by Robin Goodfellow, the mischief maker. He goes on to scare away his friends and fall in love with Titania, the fairy queen.
  • Resolution: Donkey Man
  • Bippity boppity boop, you are no longer donkey.
  • It's okay now Lysander, I love Helena. You can have Hermia.
  • This overly aggressive moment in A Midsummer Night's Dream depicts Demetrius and Lysander arguing over their love, Hermia.
  • Resolution: Lysander and Demetrius
  • Yay, now we are both happy with our trophy wives.
  • This scene depicts the resolution between Titania and Oberon, after Oberon has stolen back the Indian boy and used a love potion on Titania.
  • In this scene, Bottom is turned back into a man by Robin Goodfellow after having an affair with Titania, allowing Oberon to achieve his goal of retrieving the changeling.
  • This is cool, I'm no longer donkey and can perform the play.
  • This scene depicts Lysander and Demetrius resolving their conflict over love after being affected by a love potion.
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