Updated: 6/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, due to all this work pressure I feel like I am lost.
  • I need a break from all this.
  • Hey Stephen, you seem quite stressed from the past week. Are you okay?
  • Thank you so much John, I will start using it from tomorrow.
  • Hey, try using this new app named 'Ukiyo'. I am sure this app will help you calm your mind.
  • Stephen and John are colleagues and are talking about how the work pressure is stressing them out. Both of them need a break from their hectic lives.
  • I feel so peaceful and tranquil after meditating today!!
  • John introduces the mindfulness app "Ukiyo" to Stephen which will help him connect with his inner self.
  • I am so refreshed and focused after completing this colouring !!
  • Stephen downloads the app "Ukiyo" and creates new profile as per his daily lifestyle
  • I will use this image for my meditation session tonight
  • Stephen starts morning meditation in his backyard, where he creates his own 'meditation garden' in the Ukiyo app
  • In the afternoon, during his lunch break he tries the mindfulness colouring activity to calm his mind
  • On the way back home he clicks photo of a garden he liked and uses it to create his own 'meditation garden' with all the new elements he unlocked