Medieval Africa Storyboard
Updated: 1/14/2021
Medieval Africa Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Sundiata lived from 1230-1255 CE and lived in Kangaba, Mali
  • Sundiata
  • Mansa Musa lived from 1279-1337 and lived in Mali
  • Mansa Musa
  • Askia Muhammad
  • Askia Muhammad lived from 1443-1538 and lived in Futa Tooro, Senegal
  • Sundiata Keita was a political leader who was the founder and the first ruler of the Mali Empire. After living in exile when he was 25, he amassed an army and faced Soumaoro in the battle of Kirina in 1235.
  • What made Sundiata famous.
  • I am the founder of the Mali Empire.
  • Mansa Musa was and, still is, the richest man to live. When Mansa Musa was born, the Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty defeated the Song dynasty.
  • What made Mansa Musa famous.
  • Askia Muhammad was an emperor and a military leader. When Askia Muhammad was born, the army of the Crusade of Varna defeated three armies of the Ottoman Empire, and captured the city of modern-day Serbia.
  • What made Askia Muhammad famous.
  • Sundiata Keita founded the Mali Empire and conquered neighboring kingdoms. He also established a stable government from his capital Niani.
  • Mansa Musa was was the ruler of the kingdom of Mali and was/is the richest man ever to live. He also gave some of his money away to different towns.
  • Here you go!
  • Askia Muhammad was a military leader and an Emperor. He conquered surrounding lands and took control of the gold and salt trade from the Mali Empire.
  • Mwahaha! I defeated this Empire!
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