Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1 Edmonton Bus StationWomen tells Tracy and Sammie they will not achieve their high aspirations because of their social status. (There are no effects in this scene)
  • Scene 2 Superdrug Fore StreetThe girls go to town and they meet Frazer the creator of 'Amethyst' who tells them the encouraging words "Never give up" Background music: downloaded from Youtube Audio Library
  • Scene 3 The product reminds the girls of Frazer's words which encourages them to work hard. And they continue to work towards their dreamsIntense lighting towards product
  • Scene 4 Quick shots of the girls repeatedly getting very good grades in exams Music: Downloaded from Yotube Audio Library
  • Scene 5 Tracy and Sammie are both getting ready for their graduation and they use the product and remember Frazer's words The voice of Frazer will be edited in
  • Scene 6 Fast shots of both of the girls in their new and improved lifestyles they both achieved their dreams. And they remember Frazer's comforting words "Never give up"Music: Downloaded from Yotube Audio Library