the cursed bone 2

Updated: 5/20/2021
the cursed bone 2

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  • Jack its been a while. I bare terrible news earlier this morning a hunter had found the dead body of jim next to a huge animal. I know alex always comes along but, we couldn't find him
  • yes, let us go
  • dear god no, my brothers, do you have any clue to where the alex is? I follow , demintree are you willing to come?
  • May the heavens have mercy!!!! NOOOOOOOOO
  • Are you insane man?! You saws the price when you had wished for food. Bring back you brother could end terribly
  • No you didn't it was the cursed bone. You must burn it!!
  • This is all my fault I killed my brothers.... I killed them
  • No.. I know how to fix this... I... Wish for my brothers to return to me
  • I understand but **BANG BANG** What on earth is that??
  • It does not MATTER, I WANT THEM BACK........ There all I had left
  • Why brother.... Why did you kill us. We begged and you showed no mercy
  • this is not what I wished for. Leave me be you are not suppose to be here.
  • Come brother, let us ride with death
  • wish them away!!!
  • I'm sorry
  •  I wish the natural balance to return. ...May my soul be blessed what have I done..., My little brothers.