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Deaf President Now
Updated: 12/12/2018
Deaf President Now
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  • When the board of Trustees announcedvthat Elizabeth Zinser, the only hearing candidate, had won, they were furious. They marched down to meet Jane Spilman, the board chair of the board of trustees to find out why a deaf president wasn't chosen, and they were met with the rude response of "Deaf people are not able to function in a hearing world."
  • After the outrageous comments and actions, the students decided to protest by parking their cars at the university's entrance and posting their demands on them. The students wanted the rude Spilman to resign, the president Zinser to resign and a deaf president selected, the amount of deaf people on the board o ftrustees be increased to atleast 51%, and for no reprisals against any protestors.
  • The story wasn't just making local news, but people were fighting nationwide for the discrimination the deaf community faced. Zinser went to meet the 4 students leading the protest, Bridgette Bourne, Jerry Covell, Greg Hilbok, and Tim Rarus, and they all urged her to resign, but she refused.
  • One of the student leaders, Greg Hilbok, was featured on ABC's Good Morning America. Later, the students learned that Zinser and Spilman were hoping to force their way into the campus, so they blocked the entrance with buses and deflated the tires. I King Jordan, one of the presidential candidates, retracted his respect for Zinser and now believed that the protest was justified. And later that night, Zinser announced her resignment.
  • When the news of Zinser's resignment spread, students were ecstatic, but not totally satisfied. The would wear buttons with 3 1/2 on them stating that only 3 and a half of their suggestions were met. Later that day at noon, a scheduled march to the Capitol Building took place, and recieved support from congressman Steve Gunderson.
  • 3 1/2
  • On day 7, the students rested and visited an art festival.
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