Lincoln and Douglas election.
Updated: 11/21/2018
Lincoln and Douglas election.
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  • Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas were elected to speak for the anti-slavery and for the pro-slavery people.
  • I know slavery is wrong but it should help us through our problems and it can affect our nation's growth. This issue should be resolved through popular sovereignty.
  • I see slavery as a morally wrong way to be. Although, slavery is going to be hard to eliminate at the way it it is now, we as people can eliminate it if we try!
  • Well I believe, that this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free."
  • I say that this Union can exists forever divided into free and slave free states, as our fathers made it.
  • Could the people of the territory legally exclude slavery before achieving statehood?
  • The people could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slave holder holder's rights.
  • No I do not mean that. In the right to eat bread which is his own hand earns, is my equal and the equal of Douglas ,and every living man. Th real issue is between what men who think slavery is wrong and those who do not think slavery is wrong. 
  • You want African Americans to be equal like us, Whites!
  • In the end, Stephen Douglas won against Abraham Lincoln. He won the election ,but Lincoln gained a national reputation. When Lincoln ran for president he was able to win with the amount of people that elected him.
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