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Utah Studies Government Board
Updated: 9/16/2020
Utah Studies Government Board
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  • Mermaid Pond
  • Ha, Ha Ha! I am going to take over the mermaid pond, and nobody is going to stop me!
  • Oh no! I must stop the evil Queen. This pond is for the mermaids only.
  • Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mandy, Mandy the Mermaid, and I know how to get our pond back. The United States' Military has a powerful staff that we can use to get the evil queen out of the pond.
  • Sure, why not.
  • The military is controlled by the Federal Government, so, here we are in Washington D.C., the United States Capital. Mr. President, can we have the Military Staff?
  • Okay, now that we have the military staff, let's get back to the pond. It's a good thing I got my driver's license from the State government
  • Wait. Oh-no, there's a pothole in the road. Any government type can jump in to fix it, but since it is in the town, the local government will probably fix it
  • I don't want your Kansas money, I want Navada money.
  • Well, I don't want your money anyway.
  • Okay Evil Queen, I have the military stick that I can blast you with, our I could give you money to leave.
  • Well, since money is controlled by the Federal Government, there is no Kansas or Nevada money, they are all the same.
  • NO! Now I will have to use Social Programs set up by the State Government
  • Well, have it your way. Time to use the Military Stick.
  • Great! We saved the mermaid pond from the evil queen. Wow, I am tired. I think I am going to take a trip to the library and get some water, both services provided by the local government.
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