Science project
Updated: 2/2/2020
Science project
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  • I want a good and fair game, no scientific tricks today!
  • Magnetism
  • Why is no one attracted to me?
  • AntiGravity
  • Why hasn't the ball come down yet? I am open.
  • In the above panel the game is started. The red team vs. the blue team are set to face off in the Superbowl. One of the biggest events, in sports, every year!
  • Why aren't the defenders moving?
  • Static Friction
  • The joke is for the force magnetism. In this panel above the ball is on the field after no one caught it. He is here wondering why is no one attracted to me, with the word magnetism written on him.
  • Thanks to this sticky rope, I was able to get the ball!
  • Elastic
  • This joke is for the force gravity. Above you see two players running down the field one a receiver and the other the defender. The receiver is wondering why the ball hasn't come down yet, but little does he know antigravity is written on it.
  • The above joke is for the force of friction. Due to static friction the defenders are able to stay in place due to static friction. Making the defenders made because they can't get them to move, they can't get around them.. The defenders are just staying in rest in the same place.
  • Static Friction
  • Static Friction
  • The joke for the above panel is for the force elastic. The receiver is able to catch the ball do to a stick elastic "rope". He stretch the rope out, sticking it to the ball, then it came back letting it catch it. The referees don't know his secret but we do.
  • In the above game, the winner has been declared! The blue team wins 30-27 with a last second field goal. Making them the 2020 super bowl champions!
  • With that field goal, the blue team are your 2020 super bowl winners
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