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world history
Updated: 3/18/2020
world history
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  • Ancient Rome was once a small civilization on Italy's Tiber River
  • Rome had a republican government, Which means the citizens could vote for their leader, which influenced how the United States ran their government.
  • In order to supply the people of ancient Rome with drinking water and remove waste water from population centers, the Romans designed and constructed complex aqueducts.
  • At one point, twelve aqueducts provided water to more than one million people living in the city of Rome
  • The Roman religion was based on the Pantheon, or a group of many gods. They were believed to explain the natural phenomenons.
  • By being located on the tiber River and by being on the Mediterranean sea it made it easy access to Trade with other countries
  • Public health was important to the ancient Romans. Roman public baths, or thermae, were socialcenters where Romans could meet, make business arrangements, and keep clean
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