story board project
Updated: 11/13/2020
story board project

Storyboard Description

Mastery asignment for mr. Ubaid

Storyboard Text

  • The water for my crops is gone.
  • hey it's no need to be sad you didn't know it was going to evaporate so quickly but its hot temperatures today.
  • I watered the plants and they still didn't grow where is all the water I put out here. In school I learned about attraction and water molecules are attracted to soil
  • That's exactly why you cant see the water but its there right in the soil
  • I'm a new farmer, I saw one of your planes drop water over my crops but after a while The water starting to disappear why?
  • That's called evaporation. Your soil soaked in some of the water and the excess water turned into gas
  • I'm sorry but your plants are dying every time I try boiling the water it disappear and i cant feed your plant's
  • Your fired and next time don't boil water for plants. Boiling water turns into gas and evaportates quickly because of how kenetic energy works please leave the property