The Flight of Icarus
Updated: 12/16/2020
The Flight of Icarus

Storyboard Text

  • Planning to escape from the island
  • Gathering feather to make wings
  • Flying away from the island
  • King Minos got mad and put Daedalus in a tower. Because his son helped him, he managed to escape from the tower.
  • Icarus was in danger!
  • Gathering the feathers, Daedalus told his son so that he could make the wing. And they went around the island to get feathers.
  • Daedalus took Icarus to the land
  • Icarus was scared so that Daedalus has to look at him sometimes. They flew far away from the island.
  • Built a temple
  • Flying in the sky, because Icarus was flying too close to the sun so it burns and he fell into the sea. Daedalus didn't notice when his son fell into the sea.
  • Although Daedalus was trying to save Icarus but it was too late for him. He brought his son to the land, burying on the island, he named that island Icaria in his memories.
  • After Daedalus lands safely in Sicily, he built a temple to Apollo as his memories. He was sad when he flew back.
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