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The Girl who had a drea
Updated: 1/24/2020
                                                        The Girl who had a drea
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  • There once lived an amazing girl who had one dream.And that was to study and become a teacher.
  • Joseph go and tell Audrey that it is time for dinner.
  • Okay, But aren't you going to eat?
  • No, I already ate.
  • Oh, Okay
  • Meanwhile, While everyone else was having dinner Elizabeth started to study.
  • It is okay don't get worried okay? You can do this you won't get caught.
  • I have to get back before it is late or else I won't be able to study again.
  • Okay let's move on with life. What's this word again? Hmm
  • Hours passed and it was night time Elizabeth wasn't paying attention to the sky and when she did it was too late. She could hear her mother,father,Joseph,and Audrey looking for her.
  • I don't want to hear it. What are you doing here studying? You should be knitting!
  • Honey! What are you doing here?!
  • Mom! I hate you! All you ever say is Knit! Cook!
  • Mom I can explain.....
  • Joseph knew that Elizabeth was hiding something but he thought he might get in trouble and didn't ask.
  • The next day.......
  • Why am I doing this? I am suppose to be studying!
  • But, still she couldn't concentrate. What if she got caught? and while she was thinking she fell asleep.
  • In the woods...
  • Who wants some soup?
  • no thank you
  • After five minutes Elizabeth was sent to her bedroom. She was ashamed at herself for what she was doing but also angry at her mom at the same time. She thought it wasn't fair that her mom can block her dreams.
  • After two weeks...
  • Elizabeth never got the chance the nerve or chance to study again. Years passed and Elizabeth was still knitting and living her life then one day, she left for a new life with Audrey and Joseph. They ended up in the woods full of beauty. There, they built a tiny log cabin and lived happily.
  • Nothing Audrey. Just thinking. Can you help me fetch the water?
  • Elizabeth! What are you doing?
  • Sure!
  • And once again Everyone was happy. But, something was wrong. So they decided to sometimes go to their parents house. And it worked out! They sometimes returned home for their parents, food, and clothing. But, when they returned home she didn't get to study.
  • I'll have some!
  • They now mostly used their part of the woods as a little ditch and Elizabeth didn't get to study but, she didn't care. She found her true dream. Family happiness.
  • Mom!
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