Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • It seem as if he was shot to death
  • We need to figure out what happened!
  • The only thing I am finding is DNA from Bob Smith
  • At the Crime scene Police officers and Detectives come upon a body that had seemed to be shot to death in a bathroom. They Examine the scene and make a call to the Trace Evidence Examiner to take a look and see if anything was left behind.
  • There will be a District Attorney Present for court
  • Latent Print Examiner and the Bloodstain Pattern Analyst show up to look at the finger prints and the blood that was at the scene, and a Forensic Ballistics Examiner looks at the gun used. Meanwhile the Trace Evidence Examiners found a cigarette and are bringing it to the lab.
  • I find you GUILTY!
  • The Trace chemistry are stumped on the case but they can't find anything but DNA from someone in the system named Bob Smith who was formally arrested for drunk driving. So the tell the police to question/Interview Bob about the crime.
  • What was I thinking?!
  • Bob was upset when he was accused of being a Suspect, and he starts telling the police that he has an Alibi and he said that he was out with his friend George and were shopping for a washing machine. But when they Questioned George, he cracked under pressure and told them that he was an Accomplice to Bob in the murder.
  • "From what Forensic Pathologist/Medical Examiner have said. You Bob Smith are responsible for Ronald's death by being shot to death...You see we have Physical evidence and Testimonial evidence stating that you did this." "Ballistics and Latent prints also found your finger prints on your gun that Crime Scene Investigator found.
  • Bob Smith and his accomplice were sent to jail after being convicted of the murder.
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