The Land of Stories Worlds Collide
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Land of Stories Worlds Collide

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  • Climax: After figuring out that Alex was put under a spell by the evil witch Morina who controls every move Alex made and is controlling her powers, the group of friends got locked to a railing and were cut free by a group of girls who went to the twins' old school. On the other hand, Alex was woken up by the witch, Morina, by the time the snow witch, the sea witch, and other witches who follow them made it into the otherworld. She followed them outside the library making sure the witches were guarded. The witches headed around the city with Alex as their protection to try and take over the world!
  • Falling Action: After defeating the Literary army and the witches, Conner, his own army, and friends headed toward times square where Alex was located. She was very sad because her friend, Rook, died trying to save her, which meant her powers and abilities were sky-rocketing! Everywhere she went thorns were growing in her path.
  • Resolution: In order to get rid of the curse on his sister he needed to transport her into one of his stories. So, Conner grabbed his sister's arm and transported them into a story where curses didn't exist. He thought that to get rid of the curse she needs to cry happy tears to make the dust from the curse get out of her eyes. He transported them into their old house where they dad would be, since their dad passed when they were 10 years old this would make Alex really happy, and it worked! When the twins exited out of the story, Alex was cured and everything went back to normal, well first they needed to clean up the city.