social studies project
Updated: 2/10/2020
social studies project
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  • Constituency
  • we all live in a constituency!
  • MLA's
  • place your ballots in the box when you are done.
  • Legislative Assembly
  • Time to go to the legislative assembly because I am an MLA
  • A constituency are different areas in a province, constituencys are places in a province that are used in elections or votings. it's a lot of areas with a lot of people, most of the constituency's have 30'000 to 40'000 people.
  • Political Party's
  • An MLA is a perosn who is elected in a constituency and has a seat in a legislative assembly. There are 87 elected MLA's to seat in these legislative assemblys and listen to make decisions for the province.
  • Cabinet Minister
  • new morning to listen to people about what would make the education department a little better
  • calender
  • Yay!
  • And the legislative assembly is in the legislature building and they're are 87 people who got elected and have seats in the legislative assembly, they make decisions for the people in the province they represent. They talk about how to make the province better and a bit of other things.
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • I approve of this new law
  • noo
  • I am apart of the UCP.
  • A political party is a group of people that focus on things that will help make the province better might aswell say. they have similar or the same type of priorities to focus on. There are certain parties that focus on different things. Like one party focuses on business and one focuses on economy or something like that
  • I am apart of the NDP
  • Cabinet ministers are leaders that are choosen by a premier. Once they are choosen they are the leaders of a certain department, like the education department or healthcare department. The cabinet ministers of a certain industry have to report to the parliment about the progress. They meet with other people who were elected to make decisions about how problems can be solved about certain things and about policies, ideas and services
  • A lieutenant governor is a person who is choosen by the governor general and approves a law or bill to make sure it does not violate any of the charter of rights and freedoms. They are usually choosen for a period of five years and they are the highest ranked in alberta. A goevrnor general is a person who is choosen by the prime minister to sometimes host and take part in official events and make acts of parliment, and act of parliment is to creat a new law or change an existing law.
  • New Law
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