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Seventh Grade
Updated: 9/11/2020
Seventh Grade
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  • SEVENTH GRADE By: Gary Soto
  • Exposition
  • The main character is Victor. He has brown skin, he knows Spanish, his best friend is Michael, and he has a crush on Teresa. The secondary characters are Michael and Teresa. The setting is a school in Frezno. Two quotes that summerize the story is "Teresa, a girl he had liked since chatechism classes at St. Teresa's was taking French too" and "Teresa is going to be my girl this year."
  • Falling Action
  • The inciting incident is when Victor bumps into Teresa after homeroom period. The conflict is that Victor wants Teresa to notice him and to like him. Two quotes would be "This year would be his lucky year" and "He wanted to leave when she did so he could bump into her and say something clever."
  • Rising Action
  • Resolution
  • Hi Victor.
  • Victor has to chose if he wants to pretend to know French or to not say anything. Victor pretends to know French to impress Teresa and get her to like him. One quote for the climax is "Mr. Bueller understood that the boy didn't know French."
  • Climax
  • (Fake French)
  • Victor feels embarrased and relieved that Teresa didn't notice that he doesn't know French. Teresa thinks Victor knows French. Two quotes are "I didn't know you knew French" and "Teresa asked him if he would help her with her French."
  • Will you teach me French.
  • Yes!
  • There is a sense of completion because Teresa and Victor will be together while he teaches her French. one thing that changed is that Victor will get to spend time with Teresa. one thing that stayed the same is that Victor still likes Teresa. Two quotes for the resolution are "He cheked out three French textbooks" and "He was going to like seventh grade."
  • I will like seventh grade.
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