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Updated: 9/20/2019
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  • Have you heard of Creon's new command? Polynices, Antigone's brother is not to be given a proper burial.
  • Really? Well, he did fight against Thebes, but these repercussions are, if I may say, slightly extreme...
  • Antigone, what is the matter?! I have never seen you like this before.
  • I-I was aware of the death of Polynices, but...I was never informed of this new decree...
  • Ismene, dear sister! Creon has ordered the suspension of Polynices' burial! He has denied the execution of a soldier's funeral for our brother!
  • Sister! What blessings to come! It is the mighty Zeus! This eagle is a signal that I must bury Polynices. Will you aid me in this endeavor to ensure peace for our brother's soul?
  • Holy Hephaestus!
  • What are you talking about?! It is just a bird! And to go against Creon's decree being merely women! How unreasonable! We cannot disobey orders!
  • I can assure you, this is not merely "talk.” Do not fear for me. In fact, go on. Don't hesitste to inform every individual at Thebes of my plan. At least I will remain loyal to my brother.
  • If you will not join me in burying our brother, then I will do so myself.
  • Dearest sister, your talk worries me, deeply...
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