Responsible use of media and information

Updated: 3/26/2021
Responsible use of media and information

Storyboard Text

  • Ting!
  • One night, Cris received a message sent by her aunt to their family and relative's group chat.
  • The message tells that Cris' province will be placed in a total lockdown due to the cased of the COVID-19.
  • What? But I haven't heard or saw anything about lockdown from the news.
  • To ease her confusion, she decided to search for the news regarding to her aunt's message.
  • Turns out, the news about the lockdown is false.
  • See, I knew it! Trolls are shaking the public yet again.
  • Thank god! We can't afford to experience a total lockdown again, Tell her that news is fake!
  • Mom, look at this. Aunt sent a fake news. I actually got scared for a moment there.
  • Got it!
  • Stop spreading fake news.
  • And so, she told in the group chat that the news is fake and that announcement is from the first wave of pandemic.
  • [Thank you Cris! We're glad that the news were fake, take care always!]