Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • "Me, mama! I'll become a saint!"
  • "Which one of you is going to become a saint?"
  • We are cramped with 12 children in this small house
  • Peter's going to be a saint!
  • Life as a hermit is not bad. I get to read the Bible all day!
  • Welcome to the Celestine Order in Italy!
  • Thank you for taking us in!
  • Pope Celestine V
  • This man is so incredibly humble and kind
  • How can I say no to these people?
  • He's so humble and simple we can take advantage of him!
  • He says "yes" to everything, even things that are refuted by the church
  • They've put me in jail, so the wicked can't take advantage of me
  • I will stay close to God!