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Byzantine Empire- The Great Schism
Updated: 9/24/2019
Byzantine Empire- The Great Schism
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  • I am the Pope, and I should be the head of the Church.
  • But I am the Byzantine Emperor. Shouldn't I be the head?
  • Western Europe
  • Smash the icons!
  • The Western patriarchs, or bishops of Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Constantinople, decided that the bishop of Rome should have the title of the pope, while the Eastern patriarchs wanted the Byzantine emperor to head the church.
  • Eastern Churches
  • I will stop smashing your icons.
  • Western Churches
  • I still don't trust you.
  • In Western churches, people displayed icons,or holy images. To these people, worshipping icons was a pathway to God.
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • -Rituals and teachings were in Latin -Priests could not marry -The pope headed the Church
  • Eastern Orthodox Chuch
  • -Rituals and teachings were in Greek -Priests could marry -The Byzantine emperor headed the Church
  • However, to the Eastern churches, worshipping icons seemed like praying to an object, not the actual god. This caused several Byzantine Emperors and their followers to destroy the icons.
  • We shall split!
  • The iconoclasts or "image breakers" eventually stopped. However, the disagreement over icons left the Eastern and Western chuches mistrusting each other.
  • As time went on, the Eastern traditions became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. Orthodox means traditional. he Western traditions were known as the Chatholic Church. Catholic means universal. The two churches had many differences.
  • Due to these events and differences, the Eastern and Western Churches split in 1054. This was known as the Great Schism.
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