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Updated: 10/2/2019
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  • Paleolithic Age
  • Just feed the baby first...
  • I found a few berries
  • So many of our babies are dying! We are also not eating enough food. What can we do about this!? 
  • At least we got food today.
  • Discovery of agriculture
  • Wait... why can't we just raise our own food? Like have our food already with us? 
  • Why can't we grow our own crops?
  • We should just have permanent housing! And not be nomads!
  • Effect one:Surplus Food
  • It's so much easier not having to gather!
  • I love watching the animals!
  • They were all fighting for there life. The men were hunting, and sense they didn't have real weapons, they used rocks. Many got hurt; some killed. While the men hunt, the women would gather berries and whatever they could find, while watching the children. Days were hard, especially when hey knew that they both might come home with nothing. These were the Nomads.
  • Effect two: Permanent housing
  • It's so nice not to be moving around all the time!!!
  • The people were suffering, and knew something had to change, and because of that they thought ways to live. So instead of the men risking there lives and maybe not getting anything, why not just domesticate animals? Why not just grow our own crops and have surplus food? Why not just have permanent homes? This was the discovery of agriculture; a revolution.
  • Effect three:Different jobs/Trading
  • I love watching children
  • Thank you for watching the children, in exchange here's some food.
  • One effect that agriculture had was, having surplus food, or enough food. The men, did not have to hunt as much, so less were dying. And they domesticated animals which helped a lot. And, they started to make crops, so, the women did't have to gather. And they always had something to eat. Over all, less kids/adults were dying from starvation because they had food.
  • Laws
  • How can you here my thoughts...
  • I shouldn't have stole that bread role...
  • You should have traded with the farmer...
  • People started building permanent houses. They built the houses by rivers or where ever crops could grow. Little groups of people joined in ti make bigger groups forming communities. So, they made permanent villages by the river so crops could grow and everyone would have food.  And now that the houses were permanent, they could stop moving every where.
  • I love to farm!
  • People would do different jobs so not everyone would have to farm. So, since they were in large communities, this would work. Some people might build houses or watch the children. Or make pottery. Lets say you were a farmer and you need someone to watch your children, someone could watch your children while you farm and you can give them some food that you farmed. Or if you did pottery, you could give them a bowl.
  • Thank you.
  • When the created laws, people had to follow them. And when they didn't, they got sent to jail.  So if you stole something, you would go to jail. Depending on what you did, your sentence would be longer or shorter. Because people started forming bigger communities, they needed laws for people to interact with each other safely. And since people had new jobs, their are more things to steel. So they made jobs.
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