Marbury vs. Madison
Updated: 2/9/2021
Marbury vs. Madison

Storyboard Description

Marbury vs. Madison storyboard.

Storyboard Text

  • This is Thomas Jefferson telling James Madison to destroy the papers for William Marbury to become the justice of peace.
  • Will do, sir.
  • Trash these!
  • This is Merbury petitioning the Supreme Court, because the President sealed the commision.
  • Yes, that is true. We will think it over.
  • He sealed the commission!
  • This is when the court decided that it would be unconstitutional to force Madison to hand them over.
  • After review, we have decided it would be unconstitutional to force him to hand them over.
  • NO!
  • This is the Judicial Review, which they first used for the Marbury vs. Madison case.
  • JUDICIAL REVIEWThe Supreme Court can claim a law passed by Congress unconstitutional.
  • In this picture, it is showing how the judicial review gives the Supreme Court power over the branches, which may be too much power because we are supposed to be equal.
  • Executive, is that constitutional?
  • Jefferson did not agree with the decision, for the Federalists still ruled which he found unconstitutional. However, he knew he needed to accept it.
  • The Federalists are still in control... it may be unconstitutional, but I have to accept it.