“The Most Dangerous Game” - By Weston Smith

Updated: 10/14/2021
“The Most Dangerous Game” - By Weston Smith

Storyboard Text

  • Oh nooo!
  • Welcome
  • What kind of GAME
  • I hunt a special type of GAME
  • PEOPLE, people like YOU!!!
  • Rainsford hears a gunshot from the mysterious island. He tries to get higher, so he can see through the dense fog. He ends up falling of the boat into the water.
  • After swimming to the mysterious deserted island Rainsford finds a stunning mansion, and two very peculiar hosts, General Zorof and Ivan.
  • While talking over dinner General Zorof reveals to Rainsford that he hunts people. He then tells Rainsford that his next victim is him.
  • Hello General!!
  • Good eveningRainsford!!!
  • Rainsford is sent into the woods. He has nothing, but a sack of food and a knife. He is preparing to be hunted.
  • While Ivan and General Zorof are hunting Rainsford , Ivan falls for one of Rainsford's traps. This kills Ivan.
  • Rainsford won the game then hid. Then during the night Rainsford sneaks into the General's sleeping corridors. After confroting the General he kills him. Flipping the script one his previous prey role.