Ellen's Story
Updated: 9/1/2020
Ellen's Story

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  • Can she ever be quiet?
  • Ewww I always hated her
  • I'm not saying that is Ellen Hirschi it is just Ellen for the story
  • Woof! Woof!
  • Ellen was an adolescent which meant she was turning into a teenager, but she was turning into one immensely quick. She was very ferocious to her teacher Mrs Coyle.
  • Hewo Buddy! Your so cute aren't you? Yeah you are, yeah you are!
  • Some people think she has a psychological problem.
  • Can we keep him, can we keep him, can we keep him?!
  • Sure honey!
  • Ellen came from a very destitute family. No one knew she was poor. Her dad got killed by an assassin because he was a Mafia Boss. He was the person that could pay for everything but now they have nothing.
  • 170!
  • 42+128?
  • One day, she was walking to school she found a domesticated dog.
  • She quickly ran home with the dog, she felt like she was invincible whenever she was with the dog. Her mum was shocked to see a dog with Ellen at first but then her mum saw that she looked much happier with the dog by her side so, her mum let her keep it.
  • Her mum talked to the Principal about the dog and he let her have it at school. She is like a normal student and answering all the questions she gets from Mrs Coyle.
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