lotf chapter 9
Updated: 4/7/2021
lotf chapter 9

Storyboard Text

  • Simon wakes up to a bloody nose and approaching storm.
  • Simon spots something in the distance and climbs the hill to investigate. he realizes this is the 'beast' everyone has been afraid of.
  • Ralph and Piggy decide to join Jack and the others at the feast, who are laughing and eating the roasted pig.
  • Ralph asks Jack how he will protect everyone from the storm, jack and the other boys respond by doing a ritual dance.
  • And how do you plan on protecting everyone from the storm?
  • Simon emerges from the woods in an attempt to alert everyone about his discovery. Caught up in the moment, the boys only perceive him as a shadowed figure and violently attack Simon assuming he is the beast.
  • YOU GUYS..
  • Simon dies a violent death, glowing fish surround him creating a 'halo' affect.