Unknown Story

Updated: 2/1/2019
Unknown Story

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  • One day Midas treated Bacchus to the beach. When the day was almost over Bacchus offered to repay Midas by granting him one wish.
  • Midas wished to turn everything he touched to gold, and Bacchus granted the wish.
  • Midas went home, and was immediately touching the flowers, and his house, in which all turned to gold.
  • Midas saw his daughter crying because she had saw the house and roses in the front yard gold, and Midas went up to her and wiped the tears off her face but in just seconds she turned into gold.
  • Midas went to Bacchus saying that he doesn't want everything he touches to turn into gold, so Bacchus told him that he made a mistake and that he should go to the Pactolus River and wash in it.
  • Midas went to the Pactolus River and swam in it and once he got out he had saw that he no longer had the golden touch and that everything he had touch was back to normal, and he didn't care if saw gold ever again.