The water cycle
Updated: 11/8/2018
The water cycle
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  • One happy family of rain drops ( Water=hydrosphere) lived in the clouds ( Gases=atmosphere). They were always happy. But the population was rising and the cloud was getting heavier. 
  • One day the rain droplets were not happy and they were just sad and angry and then the rain droplets precipitated. They were traveling toward the ground (Ground= lithosphere ) and they were traveling through the atmosphere.
  • 2 landed in the trees and the that 2 landed on a mountain were runoff and they flowed down the mountain( lithosphere ) and went in to the ocean.
  • The 2 that landed in the trees percolated and they went underground and then they transpirated. (Transpirated means that water turns from water to water vapor and rises in the atmosphere trough plants). The other 2 evaporated (which means the same thing as transpiration just instead of a plant it is a large body of water).
  • Then the family condensed( formed back in to a liquid instead of water vapor) back in to the cloud and found their way to each other, then lived happily ever after.
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