Christhopher Colombus

Christhopher  Colombus

Storyboard Text

  • The fall of the Spanish Empire
  • Pirates Attacked the Spanish ships
  • Decrease population
  • Oh,no my wife !
  • Oh,no the fireball has fallen on top of her!
  • In the town having a walk.
  • Social problems
  • Oh ,no I don´t have any food for my wife I need help.
  • The pirates is throwing balls of fire.
  • Social problems
  • The people decrease because the pirates attacked them.
  • They converted in Chatolicism
  • And yo have to convert in Conversos.
  • The people die because the war. Living conditions became worse. Poor harvest and plagues caused famine. People did not have enough food to eat and they became ill. Many people went to live in America to find a better life .
  • The Chatolic Monarchs are thinking to convert the Muslims in Christians and the Jews also and called Moriscos and Conversos.
  • The Muslims have to adapt the rules of the Catholic monarch and have to convert in Moriscos and the Jews have to convert in Conversos.
  • You have to convert in Moriscos.
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