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St Patrick's story first save
Updated: 3/16/2020
St Patrick's story first save
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  • There was once a young boy named Patrick. He was born and raised in Ancient Britain. He grew up in a Christian family, his dad was a Deckon and his granddad was a Priest. One day, Patrick was just walking around minding his own business, when suddenly some nasty pirates came along and kidnapped him along with some other young boys.
  • Holy Boy
  • They Sailed a long and excruciating journey to Ireland. Once the boat arrived in Ireland, the boys were sent off as slaves for the kings and the lords. Patrick was sent to be a slave for the landlord as Patrick had to tend his sheep. Patrick's only hope was God. He started to pray 100 times a day and almost the same amount during the night.
  • Finally, his faith paid off and in a dream, God told Patrick to go and escape as a stowaway on a boat that was headed back to Ireland! Once Patrick was with his family again, he started to study to become a priest. Patrick was living a calm life once again, until one night, he had another dream.
  • This time there was a letter calling him the "Holy Boy" It Stated that he was to go back to Ireland again. Patrick knew that this was another message from God, so he obeyed it and set off to Ireland again.
  • At that time now, Ireland was facing tribal wars. Everyone worshipped many different gods. those people were called Pagans. There was one special Pagan celebration that was held near the same time as easter. It started with a Pagan king lighting a fire on the top of a sacred hill. However, that year, Patrick got to the hill before the Pagans did and he lit a fire.
  • He got in very big trouble and had to go to the king. Patrick claimed that he did nothing wrong and explained to the king that he lit the new fire to represent the light of Christ. St Patrick went around Ireland preaching the gospel even though he got made fun of and he taught the trinity by using a shamrock.
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