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Updated: 1/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Suffering
  • A king had a son and kept him from the outside world and spoiled him until he was 29 years old. He then went on 3 short trips out of the palace. On the 3 trips he made a sick man, a dying man, and an aging man. He was interested and scared by what he saw, but decided to go on a forth trip. On the forth trip he met a holy man. The holy man was surrounded by people suffering but wanted to find spiritual life. He was inspired by the holy man and left the palace. He tried to learn from other holy men but he almost starved to death by avoiding all necessities. Suffering didn't bring him peace. He thought about when he was young he had compassion for bugs who die when grass would be cut. Thinking abut this made him find peace. He ate and meditated and reached the greatest state of enlightenment called nirvana. He had become the Buddha also called the awakened one. He realized that everything is unified by suffering. Once he realized this, he could overcome suffering. The first way he figured to overcome suffering was to not bathe in luxury, However, you also shouldn't completely drive away from it. You must find a middle ground which is called the middle way.
  • The middle way would allow complete concentration on seeking enlightenment. Another way to overcome suffering is to follow the four noble truths. The first noble truth is for you to realize that people are suffering in the world. The second it to realize that our suffering is cause by our desired. The third is that once we change our out look we can finally be at peace. The fourth is that can move past out suffering by using the noble eightfold path. These are the paths that allow you to act right and wise. You must practice and understand them to become a better person. After the Buddha died, his followers collected his his writings and developed texts to guide his followers to enlightenment. The monasteries grew. There were only a few groups of monks and nuns around the countryside in India meditating in nature. Then in third century B.C a king named Ashoka converted to Buddhism to seek enlightinment. He sent monks and nuns to spread Buddhism. Buddhism spread to Asia and the world. .
  • Its followers split into two parts. Mahyana Buddhism which was located in China and North East Asia and Theravada Buddhism which was located in South Asia. Buddhism is connected to Hinduism. Hinduism has similar beliefs as Buddhism like karma and recreation. However Buddhism focuses more on seeking enlightenment through meditation. Hinduism also has more formal rituals. Buddhism teaches us the importance of facing suffering directly and doing our best not to want as much and to recognize that suffering is a way we can connect with others.
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