The Jump Part 2
Updated: 2/13/2020
The Jump Part 2

Storyboard Description

Part 2 of GT story thing

Storyboard Text

  • 1) Oh come on. It’ll be so fun. This is the perfect time to jump. The water is deeper, faster, and it tests our skills in the water. I know you’ve wanted to do that. Wanted to test your skills in high tide. You even told me so this morning for the fifth time
  • 2) But I want to do that with someone reliable. Like a lifeguard. I don’t plan on dying today Lucifer
  • 1)Yeah Lucifer. Listen to us for once. No one wants to die today. Let’s just stay here and continue our game. No one has won yet.”
  • 2) Haven't you seen how awesome I am in the water? I’m like a dolphin. Stay here if you want, I’m going. You guys just need to live a little.”
  • Klaus says he is going to jump and then Damon fails at convincing him not to go. They quickly chased after Lucifer
  • 2) Stay there you jerk!
  • 1) Nope. Change my mind. Staying alive for another day
  • 2) I’m sorry guys. Once I got onto the beach I realized the real dangers of this
  • 1) Don’t do that again Luci. You scared us
  • Klaus and Damon gave Lucifer a punishment of no cliff jumping and pockey for 2 weeks. They went back up to the tree house and finished their game of uno.Fin(ps: Lucifer cheated and won)