Fenist the Bright Falcon

Updated: 3/26/2021
Fenist the Bright Falcon

Storyboard Text

  • Daughter, I must hire someone to clean our home now that your mother has passed.
  • Don't hire a servant father, I will keep the house clean
  • Ugh! I know, all I want to do is try on more gowns. You will never see me cleaning
  • I could never clean as much as our sister Maryushka does!
  • Father tells his daughters that he will be going to the store and if they want anything. Both his mean daughters asked for a kerchief. Maryushka asked for a feather of Fenist the Bright Falcon
  • This occurred a few times. The daughters asked for things, the father was able to find them but was never able to find Maryushkas request
  • Here are your kerchiefs daughters.Unfortunately Maryushka I could not find your feather of finest the bright falcon
  • One day the father runs into a man and explains to him that he is looking for a feather of fenist the bright falcon. The old man tells him he has one!
  • Father gives Maryushka her feather of fenist the bright falcon