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Sports Gene Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 9/17/2020
Sports Gene Storyboard Assignment
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Storyboard Text

  • Main Ideas of the Sports Gene
  • Call to Adventure
  • BET
  • You're On!
  • First Trial
  • Our first main idea of the "Sports Gene" (Epstein) is that some people are born with better genes that make them naturally better at certain sports then others. Our second main idea is that you should not rely on just talent to achieve your goals, you also need to count on other factors such as coaches and training time.
  • Second Trial
  • This is the Call to Adventure of the story and it is the point that leads to the rest of the events of the story. Thomas (in green) took on a bet from one of his classmates (Carlos Mattis in blue) to try to jump over a 6'6" bar. Thomas immediately went home to grab some shoes and went to the school field.
  • Third Trial
  • Here, we see Thomas' first challenge where he needs to jump a 6'6" bar. Carlos was watching on the side and seriously doubting Thomas' ability to do it. Amazingly, Thomas clears it.
  • Climax and Conclusion
  • Carlos, when he saw that Thomas cleared the 6'6" bar, raised it to 6'8. Thomas cleared it again. Carlos raised it again, to 7 feet, and Thomas still cleared it. So, Carlos went and showed the track coach and next thing Thomas knew, he was on the track team.
  • Thomas went on to compete in state championships. He was able to jump a height of 6'8.25". Then a height of 7'0.25". Then a height of 7'3.25". He broke many local records and state records, not only because of his natural ability, but also because his coach organized his participation in these competitions.
  • Thomas went on to win the world championships by leaping over a bar 7'8.5" high. This solidified the fact that Thomas had beaten someone who had been practicing for most of his life, with just 8 months of real practice to his name.. Thus we see that, despite the fact that Thomas had very little training, natural ability will still be the deciding factor when it comes to sports.
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