Possesive Adjebtives
Updated: 4/7/2021
Possesive Adjebtives

Storyboard Text

  • hello how are you, is that your hair?
  • Fine, thanks
  • Yes, this is my hair. I'm fine thanks and you?
  • My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, his goals are fantastic
  • Did you watch the game between Barcelona and PSG?
  • Yes, Kylian Mbappé scored three goals. He is my favorite player, and your?
  • This is my company
  • Our employees are great
  • Is incredible!!!
  • My company is in charge of giving light to this city, this is the New York nuclear plant
  • What do you do in your company?
  • Thanks for spending the day with me, see you later
  • Thank you for inviting me to your nuclear plant, bye
  • It was a great day with my friend, I hope it happens again