My Everyday Heroes

Updated: 7/29/2020
My Everyday Heroes

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  • On a planet, on a continent, in a Country, in a state, in a city, In a house, there was... A man. A man named Felix Kjellberg.
  • Technically I'm on the pier but alright.
  • Comedy Gold, Felix.
  • Everyday, He'd commute to his office in Brighton and work through the day, not some of the work you'd expect though..
  • You see, He made videos for a living, infact, he owned one of the largest channels on the site, spreading his positivity to millions..
  • Hows it going.. My name is Peewdiepieee
  • Halfway across the world, in a tiny country going to an even smaller school, there was.. me!
  • Another day of Torment, 7 Essays to Write, 7 Presentations to do, 7 IB grades to get... WHY IS EVERYTHING 7
  • To say the least, I don't have many "good" days in school, you know, be it a bad class, the regular bully, and the occasional visits to "the office"
  • A day so bad, that now the narrator is stealing my lines now...
  • Always Seems like No one is ever there for me
  • Mom and Dad aren't home too often either...