The Fourth Amendment
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Fourth Amendment

Storyboard Text

  • That guy looks kind of suspicous just walking in this part of town we should follow him to his house to see if anything is up
  • Good idea
  • This must be his house
  • He has the look of selling drugs we should check the house to see if he has any
  • We are here looking to see if you have any drugs in your house
  • No sir
  • Hey what are you doing in my house?!
  • Well I believe that means that you are breaking the Fourth Ammendmant
  • Do you have any reasonable belief that I would?
  • Miss do you have any proof of him doing this
  • Yes sir my sister is a minor and has him selling drugs to her on video
  • Hello officer the man in the green sweater has been selling minors drugs
  • Yes it is and we have the warrant to search his house
  • This is the mans address
  • Sir we have a warrant to search your house for any sign of drugs