Lin Zexu
Updated: 1/30/2020
Lin Zexu
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  • The Story Lin Zexu
  • Who Was Lin Zexu ?
  • What Did Lin Zexu Do?
  • By : Julian Cervantes
  • Applications of GRAPES: Achievement
  • Lin Zexu Yuanfu was born in 30 August 1785 – 22 November 1850. Lin Zexu was the head of the states. Governor general under the Qing dynasty and best known for the First Opium War. Lin Zexu's opposition for opium trade was the primary catalyst.
  • Lin Zexu's legacy
  •  Lin Zexu was very determine to make the opium trade to an end.he wrote a letter to Queen Victoria to stop trading and that while we give them goods such as clothes and silk they give us poison (opium) in return and kill us.
  • Was His Impact More Positive or Negative
  • Qing dynasty emperor, a brilliant, Lin Zexu launched one of the world's first anti-drug campaigns. One of the biggest drugs ever destroyed in history, Lin Zexu destroyed 3 million pounds of raw opium confiscated from the foreign drug barons.
  • Though he was blamed for causing the First Opium War, Lin's reputation was rehabilitated in the last years of the Qing dynasty, as efforts were made once more to eradicate opium production and trade. He became a symbol of the fight against opium, with his image displayed in parades
  • I would say he was a very good person and did it out of justice. What he did was amazing to destroy 3 million pounds of opium which i'm pretty sure that saved many lives, but at the same time the First opium war which weren't big battles but still lives were lost .
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