Unknown Story
Updated: 3/24/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • POV shot
  • what? what happend?----- who are you?!
  • Extreme close up shot
  • Bird's eye view
  • Ed came to, and saw his pet Rosko still knocked out and he went psyhcatic
  • wide shot
  • Im going to defeat you and take everything back!!
  • It's been months since Rosko went to go get help and ever since Ed has basicaully learned to survive and he has a plan
  • mid shot
  • I won but I nothing else to say to you.
  • Ed had just reached freedom, he chose to go find Rosko but on the way he stumbled apon a guy in a robe and henchmen with him about to ambush Ed.
  • full shot
  • I won-I beat him why do I feel empty inside.
  • Turns out, the dude in the robe is the leader of the "Society" a top secret organization that frames innocent people to ruin their lives.
  • After the heated battle, Ed won which meant that the dude in the robe had to leave town and take his organization with him and to never return
  • The aftermath of the confrintation was extreme but at least Ed and Rosko won't be fighting people that are trying to kidnapped them now all that's left is nothing