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The Fault in Our Stars Storyboard
Updated: 4/17/2020
The Fault in Our Stars Storyboard
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  • Hazel Grace has cancer and her parents force her to go to a support group because they think she is depressed and want her to make friends.
  • At the support group, she meets a new friend named Augustus Waters "Gus".
  • Gus has cancer too that caused him to lose his left leg. After the support group, Gus and Hazel began to hang out and learn more about one another. They were slowly falling in love with each other.
  • Augustus learned that Hazel really loved the author Peter Van Houten, who wrote her favorite novel "Imperial Affliction". So Augustus surprised Hazel and used his Genie wish to take her to Amsterdam to meet him.
  • When they finally arrived in Amsterdam it was beautiful and they were treated to a welcome dinner by Peter Van Houten. Gus and Hazel were so excited to meet him the next day.
  • When they arrived at Houten's house, he was not what they expected. The encounter mainly consisted of Augustus yelling at Peter because of how disrespectful he was being to them, specifically to Hazel.
  • Augustus and Hazel go out out dinner and then walking around Amsterdam. This is where Gus explains to Hazel that his recent PET scan has shown that his cancer has returned, and is aggressively taking over his body. Augustus doesn't have much time left...
  • This was an extremely hard time for Hazel. At the funeral Peter Van Houten showed up to talk to Hazel about his daughter who died of cancer. and reminded him of Hazel. Later Hazel discovers a eulogy that Gus had wrote before he died that described what Hazel had meant to him. It was the last words from her first love.
  • They return home and Hazel and Augustus continue to hang out and cherish the last moments they have together. Hazel one day gets a phone call... Augustus has passed away.
  • Augustus Waters
  • The Fault in Our Stars StoryboardBy: Alejandra Gonzalez
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