Unknown Story
Updated: 2/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Can I have some sugar?
  • Those British scallywags, taxing us on everything!
  • Oh? You want some sugar? There's a tax on that now.
  • But, they said we could own a piece of the gained land!
  • Dad! The British have claimed the land in the west! We can get better land now!
  • Sonny, the British have told us that we can't move west.
  • They went against the previous statement they made. I'm angry too.
  • I'm a British solider, I watch the town, I'm more important than you all are.
  • Hey! You there! Give me that sandwich!
  • I hate these British people, acting all high and mighty.
  • Don't disrespect our child! You selfish disgrace!