Physical Wellness Module 1
Updated: 6/4/2020
Physical Wellness Module 1
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  • Physical Wellness is important to being social and emotionally healthy. The two types of Physical Wellness are Social Wellness and Emotional/Mental Wellness.
  • Physical Wellness is very important to your health and well being. That might make you ask what is Physical Wellness. Physical Wellness is the total care of your body including exercise, nutrition, hygiene, and emotional health.
  • I am out walking to help my Physical Wellness!
  • The Importance of Physical Wellness
  • Stress eating is when you eat food because you are stressed. Some people eat to much food and other eat to little. Stress eating can cause may health issues.
  • Social Wellness is your ability to interact with other people.
  • Some ways to have good Social Wellness it to, be a good listener, don't interrupt or change to subject.
  • Stress is a major component to Metal and Emotional Wellness. There are 3 stages of stress. Alarmed, Resistance, and Exhaustion stage. 
  • Defense Mechanisms are unconscious responses to protect people from things they don't want to think about.
  • Metal Wellness is how comfortable with the things around you. Emotional Wellness is how you handle life issues
  • There are ways for you to manage your stress. Some ways are to set appropriate goals, and be open minded.
  • Physical Wellness is very importation to the quality of life you will live. Basically an easy way to keep Physical Wellness is to stay in shape and using strategist to keep stress down.
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