My life
Updated: 2/9/2021
My life

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  • The day I was born
  • The day I got a puppy
  • First day of Primary school
  • This cell represents the day I was born at calvary hospital, On the 10th of February 2008, And I was meant to be born On January but I was one month late. I have one older sister Lilly, so I am the youngest child.
  • The day I got my rabbits
  • This cell represents getting my first puppy in 2012 we called him Ralph and it was a surprise for my sister and I when we got home from school. My parents got him from Marion, all his siblings were white and he was the odd one out.
  • The day I went to Bali
  • This cell represents my first day of primary school in 2013. My primary school was called Our Lady Of Grace, I had one friend and I was friends with her since I was one, And then I had to make more friends.
  • First day at Sacred Heart
  • This cell represents the day I got my first two rabbits, I got them in 2017 and their birthday is actually Easter Sunday so
  • This cell represents my first trip to Bali. I went in 2018 with my whole family. and it took seven hours to get there.
  • This cell represents my first day going to Sacred Heart in 2020 with most of my friends from Primary school. And I got in the class 7A. and I had no one I knew in my class.