to build a fire
Updated: 12/19/2020
to build a fire

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  • "To build a fire."-Connor Savage
  • They were travleling through the freezing cold, the dog "pepper" feeling deoressed because of the cold. The mans face completely mumb. Hes watching where he steps to avoid subtle traps in the snow.
  • The man set forth on his journey to a mining camp. He was a man with no imagination, very arrogant, and foolisn. He is traveling through the freezing cold.
  • What you are looking at here is the man forcing the dog to do what he wants. He had the dog walk over suspicious spots too see if the snow fell in. The mans beard was frozen, looked as if he had a beard of icicles. He treats the dog poorly, yelling at it, calling it an accursed mammal, pushing it around. not treating it with love and respect.
  • Here we have the man building a fire. He built this fire by gathering brush and getting it in a pile. He got a fkame by touching a match to a smal piece of bridgeberg, "It burned even more readily than paper."
  • The man then carried on his adventure. He then stepped on a trap and fell into freezing water and got his legs and boots freezing cold and wet, so he has to stop and build a fire.
  • Then, not long after, snow fell onto his fire from above. The snow fell off a tree ruining his fire.
  • The man was freezing cold, so cold to the point he was shaking uncontrollably, he sees the dog calmy laying down, so he tries to use the dogs body to warm himself up. The dog thought the man was trying to play so it started to run around playfully. The dog thought that the man was trying to be loving and playful, but he was just using him as a tool.
  • The man started running around like a headless chicken. He was scurrying towards the camps, Though he came to an abrupt stop, he was lying on the ground almost lifeless. The dog smelt the scent of death, so he then went an ran his way to the camps, he smelt the camps, then instantly ran towards the scent
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