episode 4: gods thumb
Updated: 11/12/2020
episode 4: gods thumb

Storyboard Text

  • as Stanley was walking across the hot dry lake his empty canteen swinging back and forth. he saw a boat off in the distance and he felt that something was drawing him to it.
  • when he reached a boat he saw that it said “Mary Lou” on it (it was sams boat) he heard zero inside of it he crawled in with him and they drank the last two cans of sploosh(100-year-old spiced peaches).
  • After they had finished the sploosh put everything in their bag and crawled out from under the boat Stanley tried to get zero to go back to camp green lake but he had said he would never dig another hole. “I should warn you,” Stanley said. “I’m not exactly the luckiest guy in the world.” Zero wasn’t worried. “When you spend your whole life living in a hole,” he said, “the only way you can go is up.” (#180).
  • as Stanley and zero were climbing up the mountain (god’s thumb) Zero threw up and passed out because he was very sick. But Stanley didn’t give up on him, he chose to carry Zero up the rest of the mountain.
  • once they got to the top Stanley fell into a mud puddle! he realized you need water to make mud! he started digging a hole and he soon started to form a small puddle of WATER!! he splashed some on zero to wake him up. then once he dug it a little deeper he found an onion!
  • “Zero closed his eyes. but then again he said, “I didn’t know about the shoes.” “What shoes?” “from the shelter.” it took a moment for Stanley to comprehend. “Clyde Livingtons’s shoes?” “I’m sorry,” said Zero.” (#175)
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