The 100 Years War
Updated: 2/18/2021
The 100 Years War

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  • The Origins
  • That's not fair!!
  • I'm the new king and now have control over all!
  • Battle of Agincourt
  • Just remember they have no clue ;)
  • Joan of Arc
  • Hmm
  • I think I know how to protect the city if you just trust me.
  • William the conqueror died and his closest relative was his nephew Edward lll who at the time was the king of England. When the French rejected him war broke out.
  • Siege of Orleans
  • The English were led by King Henry V and this was the last English victory. The English won because the land was an used as an advantage along with the French failing to deploy there archers. This was the turning point in the war for the French
  • Battle of Castillon
  • Because the French were so scared of loosing the city of Orleans, Charles Vll believed in a 17 year old peasant girl to lead their army because she claimed that God had been speaking to her.
  • The End
  • LOL dude could you imagine leaving in the medieval times!
  • umm... that was only 4 months ago.
  • If the French were to lose this city, it was almost guaranteed that the English would end up being the winners of the war. But because of Joan of Arc they were not successful at taking this land over.
  • They learned many new war tactics thanks to Joan of Arc and what she recommended to them(Canon). At the end of this battle the French had nearly won all of their land back and this was considered the end of the war.
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  • In the end, the French won the war. Because the war was over, Nationalism started growing and Feudalism started dying. And because of Nationalism, people realized that they were a more unified country.