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The man of the green sky
Updated: 10/20/2020
The man of the green sky
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Storyboard Description

ScottsHam, a soldier, has forgotten what has happened, and now he is in the middle of a war, a war between his home nation and an enemy, too bad the enemy had an ace up their sleeve... funding terrorist organizations, ScottsHam's home nation is now dealing with a civil war and a foreign nation taking their capital city. What he finds out their home nation does, will shake him forever

Storyboard Text

  • As he looks up in his own confusion, he notices a greenish sky above. He has forgotten his name which was thankfully put on his uniform, "ScottsHam". The only thing he remembers was flying a plane, ready to fight for his country.
  • What's happening? It smells like... roasted pineapple and pepper.
  • This god forsaken sky! I see someone, maybe he can help.
  • Nevertheless he struts his way through the desolate city, the green mist starts to bother him, he coughs, lightly at first. Did the enemy use toxic gas against a civilian city?
  • Go dance! You and your soldier boys have done nothing but escalate the war! Thanks to you, millions of civilians are dying!
  • Sir, I am lost and need help finding my way to a hospital, my leg is badly hurt, can you please help me?
  • Later on...
  • Escalate? What does he mean? I am trying my best to defend what I love. He's wrong, is what he means! I was just one of many unlucky souls that were attacked during the siege over the capital city!
  • ScottsHam, standing under a bridge pondering over what the old man said, notices a battalion of soldiers, overhearing them.
  • Yes sir!
  • Ay-ay Sir!
  • Listen up men! We didn't gas our own dang capital for nothing! We take back the city we win the war!
  • My god... That old man was right... I remember everything, I was ordered to gas out the enemies out of the city, the civilians were just the collateral damage. This is horrible, I feel sick... I'm going to rebel, the government has failed and I was betrayed, misguided.
  • Having overheard them, he regains the memories he had before being shot down, he remembers why he flew over the capital city...
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